Before you start to apply your decal we recommend you take a minute and read these instructions thoroughly. Although decals are easy to fit, it does require a little patience and planning (especially for larger items). Care needs to be taken while moving or applying your decals, as the adhesive is very sticky and the decal may easily stick to itself.
Wipe the surface where you will be placing your decal. Ensure the surface is free of dirt/grit/grease and dry prior to applying.

Grab a hard object and rub the decal thoroughly. Carefully peel back the backing paper at 90 degrees to the vinyl, making sure the vinyl decal stays on the transfer tape. (if having trouble – repress and try again).

Carefully position the TOP of the decal on the surface and stick it down from top to bottom, while taking care of not leaving any bubbles underneath the decals.

Rub a credit card or solid item over your decal, working from the centre outwards to prevent air bubbles. This will help it contact to the surface and prepare it for removal of the transfer tape. Use modest pressure, to ensure the vinyl attaches firmly to the surface.

Peel back the decal’s transfer tape by pulling away at 180 degrees to vinyl.

You may need to rub your credit card/solid item over it again to help it bind.

Peel off your decals very carefully. As a rule of thumb, you may peel it off at a 90° to the backing paper’s surface.
When peeling off the transfer tape from the decal an approximate 180° angle to the surface is advisable.
To prevent possible mistakes and errors, do apply your decals in a TOP to BOTTOM direction (especially larger decals).
If you are applying decals to freshly painted items – stop! Freshly painted anything should be allowed to dry for up to 2 to 3 weeks before applying decals on them. Furthermore, even if new paint feels dry, it may still need to settle and completely cure.
Do not place items decorated with decals in a dishwater, oven, or microwave.
Prevent placing decals on rugs, fabrics, clothing, or any other textiles.

As textile fibers may damage the adhesive and make it ineffective.
Since very high and low temperatures can compromise the adhesive and cause decals to peel, rip, fall off, or damage the surfaces, it is highly advisable to not place decals in areas where they will be exposed to extreme heat or cold.
Do not place decals at the bottom or inside a bathtub.
Decals can be applied to tiles as long as they are clean and dry during installation.
Decals will not perform well on brick, cinder block or any other porous surfaces.

Please follow these instructions carefully as we cannot be held responsible for incorrectly applied stickers and damage to paintwork through the incorrect application. Above all – take your time!

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